HOT TRACK: “DB Cooper” by Gold Fever

In the words of P!nk, “don’t be fancy, just get dancy”.

And that’s what Gold Fever has done with their latest single, “DB Cooper”.

Gold Fever is Oscar JD Sault, Emily Andrews, and Callum Wright and the trio have gifted fans an upbeat, danceable, and infectious track.

Frontman and songwriter, Oscar JD Sault says this of the song.

‘DB Cooper’ is written from the perspective of someone who believes they’re destined for significance but misuses the present through hedonism. I wanted the track to feel precarious, like a train about to come away from the tracks. As if to mirror how one can wander too far from discipline towards indulgence.

That precariousness has been achieved.

Recorded at Humm Studios with Dom Mitchison and IOTA’s Jodie Robinson, “DB Cooper” is frenetic, fun, and exciting. The band wastes no time and jumps into it with a lyrical cold opening that sets the pace for the song. With that cold opening, there’s an instantaneous catchiness to the track. The pluckiness of the guitar or keys (my ears can’t decide if it’s one or the other or neither) drives that catchiness even further. Whichever instrument it is, those notes make the song an earworm.

“DB Cooper” reminds me of early Arctic Monkeys in their Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not era when the band seemed to have more fun in their music and writing.

Thankfully, Gold Fever is having fun and because of that, their fans are having fun. And in this day and age, we could all use a lot more fun in our lives.

So thank you Gold Fever for bringing the fun.

Listen to “DB Cooper” below.

Photo by Seb JJ Peters