LISTEN | “Tote Bag” by Alfie Jukes

Alfie Jukes the young chap from the UK is back with another heartfelt single titled, “Tote Bag”.

Alfie says this of the song,

‘Tote Bag’ is a representation of my anxiety when it comes to commitment. But also a hopeful realisation of these feelings. This song allowed me to take a step back and reflect on my questionable thought processes.

Like his previous single “Spiderwebs”, Alfie’s voice resonates with heartfelt honesty. It’s how he transforms that honesty into deep rich vocal tones that makes “Tote Bag” a beautiful song.

When he sings the lyric, “She stared with her tote bag wet in the rain. I think she’s carrying pain,” you can hear the empathy in his voice. There’s also a dreamlike quality to Alfie’s voice that I love. While I may get vibes of Rick Astley and Chris Isaak, I find Alfie’s voice to be unique and that’s what makes his music refreshing.

Watch the lyric video for “Tote Bag”