WATCH | “Pity the Backseat” by Carbellion

Carbellion have released their latest single and video for “Pity the Backseat” from their forthcoming album Weapons of Choice which will be out on March 17 on Eclipse Records.

The video was directed by Joel Nilsson and drummer, Brent Nimz says this of the video,

The live footage in the music video for “Pity the Backseat” was shot in our rehearsal room where all the songs on the ‘Weapons of Choice’ album were written, while the street scenes in the music video were shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma where The Outsiders movie was actually filmed. The video includes footage of all the major locations used in the movie: the Circle Cinema which appeared as the movie house Ponyboy Curtis visits at the beginning of the film, the DX station where Sodapop Curtis and Steve worked, and exterior shots of the Curtis brothers’ house, which is now The Outsiders House Museum. The Admiral Twin drive-in theater, also shown in the music video, was where Cherry Vallance, a Soc, famously throws her soda in Greaser Dally’s face after inappropriate comments about the color of her hair.  The title of the song “Pity the Back Seat” was pulled from the drive-in scene where Two-Bit breaks a bottle on a chain link fence, pitches it to Ponyboy and then pulls out his switchblade in response to a couple loud-mouthed Socs scolding Cherry for walking with a few Greasers.

Of the song, Brent says,

‘Pity the Back Seat’ is my love letter to S.E. (Susan Eloise) Hinton’s novel The Outsiders published in 1967, as well as the subsequent motion picture directed by Francis Ford Coppola released in 1983″ says drummer Brent Nimz. “The lyrics are based on bits of dialogue from the screenplay and movie. I read this novel in the 7th grade around age 12 and after watched the movie. The story affected me on a personal level like no other novel or movie had before. I found myself connecting with the characters as if they were kids from my own neighborhood. The story about the rich kids (Socials or “Socs”) from one side of the tracks and the poor kids (Greasers) from the other side finding unity over shared hardships and events are the common threads that connect with readers for generations. I set out to write a song that I believe all of us Greasers can stand behind.  Fans of the novel and movie, this song was written for you. It’s a simple rock ‘n roll song with a lot of heart.

Watch the video for “Pity the Backseat”

And stay tuned for our Track by Track review of Weapons of Choice out on March 3rd.