LISTEN | “Left Behind” by Ritual Cloak

Put your headphones on and prepare for transcendence with the latest from Ritual Cloak. The dynamic duo have released another dreamlike and divinely ethereal song with “Left Behind”.

The band says this of the song,

Left Behind wouldn’t exist without the influence of George Harrison and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The song revolves around a sitar-like guitar line that we knew we wanted to have constantly looping to create a meditative drone. The lyrics are a collage of different lines and ideas that when brought together create a story of a long-forgotten ‘saviour’ that’s coming back but nobody needs them anymore.

Hauntingly beautiful, “Left Behind” slinks into your ears like wispy fingers of fog down a mountainside. It treads lightly and as the drum begins, its footsteps become heavy within the mind and resonates a calm tranquility within the soul.