TRACK x TRACK: Eat Your Young by Hozier

To satiate fans until his upcoming album, Unreal Unearth is released later this year, Hozier released the 3 song EP Eat Your Young on St Patrick’s Day which was also his birthday. (Happy Belated Birthday good sir.)

The 3 songs clock in at 11 minutes and are a savoury taste for fans old and new.

With falsetto interludes, “Eat Your Young” has swagger, sway, and sass. From the aforementioned falsettos, the lusciousness of Hozier’s deeper singing voice and the bass make the title track hooky and catchy. It’s infectious AF and the sticky jazzy 70’s/80’s feel just makes one want to dive straight into the gluttony of the lyrics and be devoured whole by the song.

“All Things End” goes toward the quieter end of the music spectrum. It’s more ballad-esque with a church choir and I could listen to Hozier and church choir all day, every day. Ultimately the song is a beautiful mutual goodbye to a relationship or perhaps a love. Whichever it is, Hozier’s lyrics are personal, heart wrenching, and feelings that those who have loved, lost, and started all over again have felt.

Seems a lot of the music released last week were artists contemplating existential crises. Hozier too contemplates that inner crisis through lyrics about the universe, death, and love with “Through Me (The Flood)”. It too has a church choir backing vocal feel which compliments not only Hozier’s voice but the lyrics. The song is haunting and allows Hozier’s voice to shine.