LISTEN: “Plateau” by Gal Musette

If one must know, when it comes to listening to music, I am the harshest critic to my fellow women. The goal I set for women artists is ridiculously high. It’s like the impossibly high standard I set for Stereophonics.

But 95% of the time, women artists come through. Again and again. Smashing barriers. Smashing preconceived notions and surely smashing the ridiculously high standards of this nobody in the music business.

Gal Musette ninja kicked me in the face and then laughed as I crumbled to the floor. (Note, she really did not ninja kick me in the face. I’ve never met Gal, and I’m sure she’s quite lovely and not ninja violent.)

by Alex Justice

Southern California born and bred, Gal Musette is the alter ego of Grace Freeman and her latest single, “Plateau” was written while she was in the chaotic and glorious traffic of L.A.

Gal says,

While driving the lyrics started coming out as a form of venting, basically I was babying out/complaining about how much time I spend in my car. But as the lyrics progressed, they kind of revealed a season of numbness and monotony I was stuck in, and the driving became a metaphor for how I felt in general, going through the motions, mindlessly traveling through life without much direction or emotion.

There’s a David Lynch slash Twin Peaks vibe within the song’s music and melody. It’s otherworldly, atmospheric, and moody as hell and I love every single minute of it.

Gal’s vocals are aurally pleasing. They are airy, light, and effortless as if she is singing the entire song in one long beautiful breath.

Listen to “Plateau” below and let Gal Musette lower your blood pressure in chaotic traffic with her effortless voice.