LISTEN: “Path of Least Resistance” by Aisha Badru

Working with Grammy winner Synematik, Aisha Badru has released her latest single, “Path of Least Resistance” from her forthcoming EP, Love Again, that will be released on Nettwerk Records on June 2nd.

The song is a sultry fight between the fear of being hurt again and that attraction that could be amazing.

With “Path of Least Resistance”, Aisha wonderfully faces fear and attraction with her delicate, graceful and airy vocals. Her voice floats like angel feathers floating down from the heavens and she could easily be a counterpart to fellow earth angel Cosmic Crooner.

photo by Jeffery Trapani

Listen and watch the lyric video for “Path of Least Resistance” below and prepare to fight your new found attraction to Aisha Badru.