REVIEW: “So Bad” by Baby Schillaci

Apparently, I was living under a rock when Baby Shillaci released their video for “So Bad”. I was patiently waiting for the April 7th release date of the song but patience has flown out the window now!

When listening to music, I keep a notebook handy to make notes on my first gut reactions and initial thoughts. These were my notes on “So Bad”Holy S.H.I.T, mindblown, in love, bass for days, it’s a mood it’s a vibe, I’m here for every ninja kick to the face.

If I could leave those words as my final review, I would but that’d be a bit lazy of me. So, let’s dive right on into it shall we?

Honestly, HOLY S.H.I.T. I was not fully prepared for how infectious “So Bad” was going to be. If you visit Amplify the Noise regularly, you know by now I love all things bass and good, god almighty, “So Bad” has bass for days and days and days.

I love that the song is predominantly bass driven and that the guitars don’t fully show up until almost half way through the song. It creates a menacing tone that matches the lyrics and vocals to a perfect tee.

The vibe of “So Bad” is dirty, gritty, filthy, and heavy. As I said earlier, it’s a mood and it’s not a rainbows and unicorns mood. It’s more of a tie one up and tie one down mood, be it sexually or criminally is your call. The mood is ominous, sinister, and foreboding and Baby Schillaci has honed in on that with a great deal of gratification that is both electrifying and rousing.

We’re two tracks into Baby Schillaci’s 5 track EP, Physical Only, and needless to say, I’m shivering with anticipation.

Their debut single “Radical” was a tease and “So Bad” is an aural delight that will only leave one craving for more.

Pre-save “So Bad”.

Watch “So Bad” below

Physical Only as the title suggests, will only be available in hard copy and contains 2 tracks that will never be available on any digital platform.