LISTEN: “Stray” by Pollyanna Blue

If you read our early review of “Stray”, you know we loved the song and now that it’s out on all streaming platforms and wherever you buy your tunes, we tell you to immediately listen to it.

“Stray” is Pollyanna Blue’s third single from their upcoming EP that will hit the masses at a later date and was inspired by a situationship of vocalist’s Zoe Collins.

Zoe explains the lyrical story between an owner and their stray cat,

The owner is trying to fulfill their role of caring for their pet, but no matter how much love, affection and play time they would give to this cat, it would never want to hang around. The cat is adamant to make sure that the owner knows that they do what they want, and when they want, because they will always play by their own rules.

Listen to “Stray” below.