LISTEN: “Lolita” by Rebecca Lappa

Songstress, Rebecca Lappa, is back with another infectious track from her forthcoming EP, Tales of a Taurus (May 2023).

Far from the saccharine sweet, “Blue Lips”, Rebbeca draws inspiration from Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita.

Rebecca says this about “Lolita”,

The song touches on the two main characters in the book alluding to the forbidden nature of the relationship between an older man and a much younger woman and the frenetic dynamic between the two. The muted guitars fill the track with urgency and the heartbeat of the kick drum lends commentary on the perceived sexuality and innocence of young women as interpreted by male audiences, while the careful layering of synth and harmonies leads to an anthemic chorus.

The song was co-written by Rebecca’s producer, Louise Burns, and if there was ever a song that could personify the vixen in a red dress, “Lolita” is that song. The song seduces the aural senses with its foreboding undertone of tension and lust.

It’s a must listen.