REVIEW: Cake by Leadbetter Band

Based in Bend, Oregon, Leadbetter Band released their 3rd full length album, Cake, last month.

The three piece band is Eric Leadbetter on guitars and vocals, Aaron Moore on bass and vocals, and Kaleb Kelleher on drums and the trio is giving me a 70’s classic rock vibe with a bit of funk thrown in.

Cake was recorded at Temple of Trees in Seattle, Washington with the legendary Joe Reineke which Eric had this to say,

Reineke took the songs and tones to new heights. He challenged us and really brought the heat with this album.

Rising to Reineke’s challenge, Leadbetter Band has produced an album of tunes that are fun, funky, and dripping in nostalgia.

The guitar intro in “Another Light Year” has a southern rock blues vibe that would make Lynyrd Skynyrd proud but at the same time, the song has a Pink Floyd flair as well.

That’s what makes Cake a treat to listen to. The trio have reined in all their inspirations into a cohesive 9 track album that satiates anyone’s need to be dropped back in time where rock music was infused with grooves and beats for days.

The stand out track, “Mountains” gave me a Led Zeppelin vibe that easily turned into a “China Grove” mood. The drums and bass are filled with trepidation and heaviness and the guitar is crunchy and has a dirty groove. 

Eric said this of the song,

I think ‘Mountains’ might be one of my favorite tracks because it really takes you on a rock journey. Covers a lot of ground and has some great riffs mixed with some jazzy chords in the bridge and solo. 

While I may concur that “Mountains” might be the stand out track, my favourite track is “Bluebells”. It’s the feel good Michael Franti feels that I dig. There’s a bluesy funk feel to the song that’s as crisp as a blue sky on a summer day. One cannot be in a bad mood listening to the song.

Cake is an album that feels nostalgic and is tethered in wonderful funky guitars, deep bass grooves, and tight drumming.

MUST LISTEN TRACKS: “Bluebells”, “Mountains”, “Watchdog”

FAVOURITE TRACKS: “Bluebells”, “All it Is”