LISTEN: “Versace Eros” by French Horn Rebellion with Siné

What do you get when you pair French Horn Rebellion + Siné?

One, pure unadulterated, home run of a banger.

French Horn Rebellion are brothers Robert and David PM who have been making music for 10+ years and Robert says this of the song,

The song is about a secret undercover relationship between Siné and the character from this Versace Eros ad. I know… super random, but we were running through the internet and just thought the ad was so over the top! It’s very silly. The song was written during a sunny day in Brooklyn. We all were in such a great mood, and wanted to bring that into the music.

“Versace Eros” has a wonderful funky bass, infectious beats, catchy lyrics, and is just a wonderful jam. To get the full good mood effect and energy of the song, listen to iti below.