HOT TRACK: “Phaser” by MY-HI

I love when music surprises me. Especially when the vocals take me on a different journey than expected.

That’s what MY-HI has done.

Their latest single, “Phaser” starts off with a catchy guitar riff that explodes with drums and bass into this epic intense rock crescendo. I know the vocals are next and I assume based on the intense rock crescendo I’m probably going to get a scream or a wail as intense.

Vocalist Daniel Veal, snatches that reality away from me and takes me on a completely different journey.

As much as I am a fan of the smooth stylings of Alex Turner and Dan Smith, I have missed vocals that have grit and attitude. Especially in alt rock music.

Daniel Veal brings that grit and attitude back with “Phaser”.

MY-HI is a 4 piece band that recorded “Phaser” at Brighton Electric Studios with Alex Gordon (The Cure, Blood Red Shoes, The Xcerts) and Daniel says this about the meaning of the song,

I’ve always pictured our brains as this phaser machine. A machine that can manipulate itself to adapt to whatever situation we find ourselves in, even when we are partially unsure of who we are at times. I suppose the song is a low key identity crisis, but from an angle of ‘it’s normal to be completely alienated from your own self’. You’re a phaser, yes you are!

Daniel’s vocals soar with attitude. Not only are they edgy and filled with a wonderful punk f-you angst, there’s this grit and grime to them that is not like the crisper aforementioned gentlemen. It’s refreshing to hear alt rock vocals with attitude especially when it’s over a fiery bed of music. The band brings the fire to the music. It’s has infectious riffs and sticky beats that are aurally captivating and thrilling

MY-HI may be ‘unsure of who they are’ but they sure as hell are bringing the heat with  “Phaser”.

Listen to “Phaser” below