HOT TRACK: “No Quitter” by Econoline Crush

It only took 130 days for the Universe to gift everyone with the anthem of 2023. 

That gift comes from Canada’s Econoline Crush and their first single of 2023, “No Quitter” from their forthcoming album, When the Devil Drives.

“No Quitter” follows to 2020’s “Fight Like the Devil” and encapsulates everything that is Econoline Crush. Catchy lyrics that connect to the soul, driving drums, rhythmic bass, and high octane guitars plus the distinct and powerful vocals of Trevor Hurst.

As a longtime fan of Econoline Crush, to say I am excited about “No Quitter” is an understatement. The song will not disappoint fans of Econoline Crush and will make new fans, lifetime fans.

 As with their past albums, EPs, and singles, “No Quitter” continues to solidify Econoline Crush’s talent. Listen to “No Quitter” below