WATCH: “Samauri Dancer” by Mr Bewlay

I love all things the 80’s, but mostly the music, and Cardiff’s Mr Bewlay satiates my 80’s craving with their song “Samurai Dancer”.

I am immediately transported back in time to where music was fun, bright, and covered in day-glo colours that could reflect the sun.

But what’s even better is the video for “Samurai Dancer”.

“Samurai Dancer” is a fully puppetted journey created by Mr Bewlay and Aidan Biddiscombe. The journey follows Samurai Hiro as he falls for lust, love and shaking indie rhythms on the dance floor.

With a fun, catchy, and infectious song like “Samurai Dancer”, the video could have risked being boring, but what the duo have created is pure genius. It takes a traditional tale of a samurai and traditional puppet story telling into modern times without being kitschy or cliche.

Watch “Samurai Dancer” below

Photo by Stephane James.