DEBUT ALBUM REVIEW: Bleed to Life by Vonavibe

Bleed to Life, the debut album by Vonavibe could’ve been the album that never was.

Vonavibe entered the studios in 2019, ready to record their debut album but a motorcycle accident in 2020 found vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Dyon, in a wheelchair. His recovery took almost two years, but despite the roadblock, Vonavibe managed to finish the album. With their album complete, the band left their current label, in search of a label with experience in heavy music as well as a worldwide spectrum. The trio signed with Eclipse Records in 2022.

What makes Bleed to Life so special is that Vonavibe refused to give up or quit no matter what was thrown in their path. Be it personal or a global pandemic, the trio persevered.

by Peggy Psarrou

That perseverance radiates throughout Bleed to Life.

Be it the lyrics or the music, Vonavibe clearly showcases they are not one to allow obstacles to stop them from rocking out. Creating their own wall of sound, the band soars with massive guitars, thundering drums, and rumbling bass. Once the vocals are added in, the wall of sound becomes a fortress…impenetrable and thick with a sound that is uniquely rock and distinctively Vonavibe.

Their first single, “Run n’ Hide”, an in your face rocker about substance abuse might have set the standard for the album but the album opener “Left for Dead” sets the pace for Bleed to Life. It commands all the elements of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark” into 4 minutes and 49 seconds of a sheer magnetic rock song that is not only heavy but wonderfully melodic.

“Hold On” a down tempo song with a metal wail that would make Ronnie James Dio proud feels like it’s an ode to Vonavibe’s dream of getting their album out. They held on to the dream and never let go. There’s also a bit of Ronnie in the way Dyon sings in “Hold On” that is a treat to hear.

The Rolling Stones cover of “Paint it Black” is chef’s kiss and the guitar solo in “Alive” to die for.

Within the 10 tracks, not one song is skippable, and all tracks are repeatable as individual songs and repeatable as an album. The circumstances that could have left Bleed to Life and Vonavibe sitting on a shelf, only solidified both the album and the band.

Bleed to Life soars with a powerful explosion of sound that redefines the raw power of rock music.

MUST LISTEN TRACKS: “Run n’ Hide”, “Hold On”, “Paint it Black”, Beyond Tolerance”, “Alive”

FAVOURITE TRACKS: “Vonavibe”, “All that Remains”, “Break Your Sky”

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