DEBUT ALBUM: The Perks Of Being a Hypocrite By Cosmic Crooner

The debut album The Perks of Being a Hypocrite by Europe’s earth angel, Cosmic Crooner, is due out Friday, March 17th and we here at Amplify the Noise were granted an advance listen and well, we are happy to report, the masses will not be disappointed. Of the album title, Cosmic Crooner says this, I think we’re all hypocrites. But calling yourself one gives you … Continue reading DEBUT ALBUM: The Perks Of Being a Hypocrite By Cosmic Crooner

LISTEN: “Aria” by Bethan Lloyd

Welsh songstress, Bethan Lloyd, has released her fourth single, “Aria” from forthcoming album, Metamorphosis (out on April 7th). While I still get Bjork vibes from Bethan’s vocals, she is able to create a beautiful experience with “Aria”. Through that experience, I feel that Bethan is more fairy and wood nymph than human and that she’s here to teach the rest of us mere humans how … Continue reading LISTEN: “Aria” by Bethan Lloyd

WATCH: “Chokehold” by Will Ramos (Sleep Token cover)

Will Ramos’ vocal talent is the reason I fell back in love with metal and heavier vocals. His precision and skill is like no other and only grows and refines with each song he does. Whether he is slaying vocals for his band Lorna Shore or being a guest vocalist for others, Will’s unique voice and insane talent shines through time and time again. So, … Continue reading WATCH: “Chokehold” by Will Ramos (Sleep Token cover)

WATCH & LISTEN: “Run n’ Hide” by Vonavibe

Athens (Greece) rockers, Vonavibe have released “Run n’ Hide” from their forthcoming Bleed to Life (May 26, Eclipse Records). Along with the release, the trio of Dyon (rhythm guitars and vocals), John Tass (lead guitars), and George Andrian (drums) also gave details on how to pre-order and pre-save Bleed to Life. Of the song, Dyon says, ‘Run n’ Hide’ is about substance abuse. I have … Continue reading WATCH & LISTEN: “Run n’ Hide” by Vonavibe

HOT TRACK: “Compromise” by Mid City

I am kicking myself for being a month late on discovering there was new Mid City music! Like what rock have I been living under?! My first trek into the world of Mid City was their highly infectious song, “Dead Broke Blues” and I haven’t looked back or been disappointed with any music I’ve heard after. Mid City’s February release, “Compromise” continues with the hit … Continue reading HOT TRACK: “Compromise” by Mid City

DISCOVER | Rogue Jones

There’s something visceral about listening to music that you don’t verbally understand language wise. I don’t understand 90% of Rammstein’s lyrics, but that doesn’t deter me from being a huge fan. They could be singing about rainbows and unicorns or serial killers and without heading to the internet to look up the lyrics, I can transcend within the melody of the lyrics and music. (And … Continue reading DISCOVER | Rogue Jones

LISTEN | “Little Spaceships” by Lipstereo

Hailing from Melbourne…Australia, not Florida, Lipstereo is a four piece band that is made up of  Sam Stranges on vocals and rhythm guitar, Andrew Stainsby on lead guitar, Tage Hosking-Gregory on bass and Jesse Porter on drums. Formed in 2019 the foursome joined over a mutual obsession of back catalogues of The Strokes, Weezer and Arctic Monkeys. Their single “Little Spaceships” is making its US … Continue reading LISTEN | “Little Spaceships” by Lipstereo

LISTEN | “Rhedeg Yn Y Nos” by Ci Gofod

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Ci Gofod is back with another 80’s and funk inspired track with “Rhedeg Yn Y Nos” which translates to “Running at Night”. Full of funk, hip shaking beats, and a glorious groovy bass that Bootsy Collins would be proud of, “Rhedeg Yn Y Nos” will satiate the thirst for music that moves and shakes. With “Rhedeg Yn Y Nos”, Ci Gofod will … Continue reading LISTEN | “Rhedeg Yn Y Nos” by Ci Gofod

WATCH | “She is a Fire” by Cradle of Filth

Cradle of Filth announced their newest live album, Trouble and Their Double Lives will be released on Napalm Records on April 28th. Along with the announcement, the band released a brand new song and video. Dani Filth says this about “She is a Fire” which is one of two new studio songs on the live album. This track and the other original track on this … Continue reading WATCH | “She is a Fire” by Cradle of Filth

LISTEN | “Left Behind” by Ritual Cloak

Put your headphones on and prepare for transcendence with the latest from Ritual Cloak. The dynamic duo have released another dreamlike and divinely ethereal song with “Left Behind”. The band says this of the song, Left Behind wouldn’t exist without the influence of George Harrison and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The song revolves around a sitar-like guitar line that we knew we wanted to have … Continue reading LISTEN | “Left Behind” by Ritual Cloak

WATCH | “In Deepest Black” (live) by Evil Invaders

Ahead of their March and April tours, Belgian metal masters, Evil Invaders, have released a live version of their single “In Deepest Black”. Joe (vocalist & guitarist) says this about “In Deepest Black”, With our new album, Shattering Reflection, and a full festival season, 2022 has been an amazing year for us. Later this month we’ll tour throughout Europe so we thought it would be … Continue reading WATCH | “In Deepest Black” (live) by Evil Invaders