Safari Gold: Last Chance Addict

If the faces of Safari Gold look familiar, it’s because back in the 2010’s they were known as Cuba Cuba. In the words of Phil from Cameron Crowe’s Roadies, “when you find your band, you find your band”, and that’s what the gentlemen of Safari Gold have done. They may not be their former 2010’s selves, but they are still making music together after all … Continue reading Safari Gold: Last Chance Addict

Katatonia: Birds

Ahead of their January 20th release, Swedish metal masters, Katatonia, have released their third and final single, “Birds” from the highly anticipated Sky Void of Stars. Jonas Renkse (vocals) and Anders Nyström (guitars) founded Katatonia in 1991 and current members Roger Öjersson (guitars), Niklas Sandin (bass) and Daniel Moilanen (drums) joined throughout the 2000’s. The band says this of their upcoming album, Our 12th album, … Continue reading Katatonia: Birds

Our Lady Peace: Mountain Song

In case you missed it, Our Lady Peace released a brilliant cover of Jane’s Addition “Mountain Song” from last year’s Quebec City show. The band filled in for Jane’s Addiction on a few Canadian shows with the Smashing Pumpkins last year. While I’m sure Jane’s Addiction fans were bummed to have missed them, OLP fans got this solid cover that we hope also satiated Jane’s … Continue reading Our Lady Peace: Mountain Song

VOLUME UP! SERIES: Issue 01 :: Volume 01

Here are the 11 tracks we have at 11 this week. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify In order of time: “Unholy” by Anthony VincentThis cover of the pop smash “Unholy” is kicked up a notch with an infectious bass, crunchy guitars, and massive drums. Vincent is also known as Ten Second Songs. “Eleanor Rigby” by Palaye RoyaleOur second cover on the list and definitely … Continue reading VOLUME UP! SERIES: Issue 01 :: Volume 01

Wind Rose: Army of Stone

Hailing from Pisa, Italy, the five member metal band, Wind Rose has unleashed another epic video. This time for “Army of Stone”, from their current album Warfont (2022). With Francesco Cavalieri on vocals, Claudio Falconcini on guitars, Federico Meranda on keyboards, Cristiano Bertocchi on bass, and Federico Gatti on drums, they provide a hammering anthem that the gods themselves would be proud of. Depending on … Continue reading Wind Rose: Army of Stone

The Lucid: Saddle Up and Ride & Mumps

On the 27th of January, The Lucid will be releasing their 5 song EP Saddle Up and Ride. Who are The Lucid? The Lucid is Vinnie Dombroski (Sponge), Dave Ellefson (formerly of Megadeth), Drew Fortier (formerly of Bang Tango) and Mike Heller (Malignancy, Fear Factory). If you have a vast taste of music, then the gentlemen by name should be no stranger to you. Formed … Continue reading The Lucid: Saddle Up and Ride & Mumps

A Conversation with Neil Scott of Adult Leisure

Adult Leisure took Amplify the Noise’s world by storm in 2022. With David Woolford on guitars, James Laing on bass, Neil Scott on vocals, and Nathan Searle on drums the foursome secured spots on our Songs We Loved, EPs We Loved, and Artists We Loved for 2022. To say Adult Leisure lives in my head rent free is an understatement. Their EP, The Weekend Ritual, … Continue reading A Conversation with Neil Scott of Adult Leisure

Lord of the Lost: Leave Your Hate in the Comments

Welp, in the span of 9, maybe 10 days, Lord of the Lost, released the “Blood & Glitter” video, the album, and now the video “Leave Your Hate in the Comments”. Of the album’s release, vocalist Chris Lord said this, In a time when the marketing madness for each album seems to last longer and longer, when half the album – or even more – … Continue reading Lord of the Lost: Leave Your Hate in the Comments