#1: “Mein Teil”


#1 song for Halloween goes to one of my favorite bands: RAMMSTEIN. I remember watching this video and thinking what in the hell?!?

Background on the “Mein Teil” is that it was inspired by the case of Armin Meiwes, who was convicted for killing and eating a voluntary victim.

Even knowing the background, made the video even more disturbing. Christoph is dressed as a woman, Till killing an angel, Flake performing a ballet, Paul violently acting out, Richard fighting with himself, and Ollie spasming on the floor and then the closing scene of Christoph leading the other 5 on dog leashes onto the streets.

MIND FUCK, but that is the way it is for most RAMMSTEIN videos and songs. They’re there to provoke one and make one think. It’s one of the reasons I adore the band. They perform songs about taboos and push boundaries.