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Art by Rahi Rezvani




I didn’t think I could love EDITORS more than I do, but then they hit their fans (myself included) in the face with this aural gift.


From the forthcoming album VIOLENCE (release March 9), “MAGAZINE” pokes the bear that is politics but without being an overtly political song. They’re not calling any particular politician out but making fun of the holier-than-thou politicos that think they’re above all and calling them out on their bullshit.

Tom Smith told Radio X’s Gordon Smart the track had been around since the recording of THE WEIGHT OF YOUR LOVE and that “It kind of kept of rearing its head. During the making of this record, it all kind of clicked into place, a kind of ‘eureka’ moment. It’s a song that’s been in the background a long time.”

Politics aside “MAGAZINE” has driving beats that inspire one to channel their inner “Rocky” (or at least it does for me). In other words, this song isn’t a down tempo song that haunted the amazing 2013 THE WEIGHT OF YOUR LOVE album, but more on the “PAPILLON” from IN THIS LIGHT AND ON THIS EVENING (2009).

The song is undeniably catchy and for an EDITORS song, loud. Diehard fans won’t mind the “loud” at all and newcomers may be enticed to dig through the history of the band for more gems.

“MAGAZINE” is a song that is needed in alternative and rock music right now. EDITORS have never fallen for or into the cookie cutter sounds that ebb and flow with alternative and rock genre and it is clear that with this track, they stick to their guns and kick what is “IN” in the teeth. They give their fans and music what they need not what they want and it’s a beautiful thing

Fans who pre-order VIOLENCE through the band’s website will get exclusive pre-sale to the announced warm-up shows. Pre-sale: January 18th @ 9 am. General on-sale: January 19th @ 9 am.

Track list for VIOLENCE:

1. Cold
2. Hallelujah (So Low)
3. Violence
4. Darkness At The Door
5. Nothingness
6. Magazine
7. No Sound But the Wind
8. Counting Spooks
9. Belong

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Artwork by Rahi Rezvani
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