REVIEW: To Imagine by The Neighbourhood

I have always dug THE NEIGHBOURHOOD since they popped onto the music scene back in 2012 and their music has progressed with each release while being able to maintain a very distinct sound that is very much their own.

That progression and distinction follows through with their 2018 (January 11) EP, TO IMAGINE.

Each track on the 5 song EP varies from the one before. “Heaven” has an R-n-B vibe while  “Scary Love” has a more uptempo harmonious sound. All 5 songs are absolutely fantastic and if this is the only music THE NEIGHBOURHOOD releases this year, it will be 5 of the best tracks out there.

This is a must listen to for 2018.

Listen to TO IMAGINE now on Spotify

Best Song: “Scary Love”
Writer’s Favorite Song: “Stuck with Me”
Song You Should Play on Repeat: “Heaven”
Song You Can Skip: …none of them…

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