LISTEN: Origami by Woodes

Photo courtesy of WOODES Facebook

At first glance WOODES may seem a witchy vixen like STEVIE NICKS, but upon seeing her live she is more forest fairy than witchy and she is enchanting as a Disney princess.

We caught her live when she opened up for SYLVAN ESSO (Oxford Art Factory, Feb 8, 2018, Sydney AUS) and WOODES was delightfully charming and a pure joy to watch. She had us hooked from the moment she stepped on stage and when she performed “ORIGAMI” it was one of the highlights of the show.

A mere 24 years old, WOODES has taken Australia by storm with her hits “The Thaw”, “Rise”, “Run For It” and “Dots”. She premiered “ORIGAMI” on February 16th on Australia’s TripleJ and we’ve been waiting patiently for WOODES to release the song to the masses so we could just gush about how much we are in love this song.

In “ORIGAMI” she is part teasing seductress and shy enchantress with a voice that is delicate and almost breathless as she sings “…Just something while we’re waiting. Paper meditation. I know every crease and every fold. These lines will tells us where we need to go. We tessellate. Guess the new shape. A 1,000 cranes to come and fly us home. Fold your arms around me. We make origami. We got paper bodies. Let’s make origami.”

While “ORIGAMI” is musically disguised in simplicity it is a complex architecture of sound that surrounds you like a warm blanket on a winter day and WOODES‘ voice is the intoxicating spiced hot toddy that soothes the soul.

Also, being nerds, we appreciate anyone who can use tessellate and polygon in a song.

Catch WOODES on the following dates.
March 2 at Leadbelly in Newtown (Sydney)
March 3 at The Toff in Melbourne
March 10 at Black Bear Lodge in Fortitude Valley (Brisbane)


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Photo courtesy of WOODES Facebook