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L.A.’s DEAD SARA released a double whammy of rock with their singles “HEAVEN’S GOT A BACK DOOR” and “UNAMERICAN” from their forthcoming EP titled TEMPORARY THINGS TAKE UP SPACE (Available June 8)

dead sara temporary things take up art
courtesy of Dead SaraTHINGS TAKING UP SPACE (available June 8).

It is the much needed injection of fucking rock that the music world deserves.

Front woman, EMILY ARMSTRONG, is unabashed and brutally honest with her voice and lyrics while guitarist SIOUXSIE MEDLEY and drummer SEAN FRIDAY provide an orgasmically heavy, loud and downright dirty bed of music that is as catchy as any BEATLES beat.

The trio speak their truth, their passion, their minds and their feelings in two epic melt your face songs.

That is what DEAD SARA has always done.
What they always do.

In “HEAVEN’S GOT A BACK DOOR” Emily makes no apologies for who she is and makes it known she is done feeling sorry for the things she cannot choose. The song is a straight up kick to the teeth with an aggressive beat that prepares you for battle whether you want to or not. It’s a straight forward rock song that is absolutely fist pumping or devil horn raising.

If JOHNNY ROTTEN and the SEX PISTOLS wrote “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN” to say they were fed up with the way the working class of England were being treated, then “UNAMERICAN” is DEAD SARA being fed up with the mistreatment of women in America and perhaps just fucking fed up with the “All American” bullshit. Either way, it is a gorgeous political song that is in your face, no apologies and a fuck you to those that oppress. Intentionally or unintentionally, it feels like there is a slight homage to the punk legends, SEX PISTOLS, as well.

If this is a tease or taste of the EP, this writer, will be salivating and waiting in a pool of her own drool for release day. Listen to both tracks below.

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