Review: Demons by Violet Blend

Demons is Violet Blend‘s follow up to their debut album White Mask and while some bands hit that sophomore slump, Violet Blend has hit the ball out of the park.

Violet Blend is Giada Celeste Chelli (vocals and piano), Michel Agostini (drums), Ferruccio Baroni (bass) and Daniele Cristellon (guitar). Demons was recorded by Alessandro Del Vecchio (L.A. Guns, Quiet Riot) and showcases the band’s growth and rock prowess.

The band says of the album, “The White Mask record exposed the fallacy of using social media to represent “the self,” and the new album, Demons, continues the journey by moving the focus to the more personal, internal mechanism we use to make our own tragic masks. We do this to represent ourselves favorably to others, and our fragile, raw truths remain fatally hidden. Still, the glory is the crucial moment we decide to unveil. Not for others. For us. For the sake of the soul.”

Fans may recognise one of the 14 faces or masks of demons as Violet Blend‘s own White Mask while the others feature Medusa from Greek mythology, Kali from Hinduism, demons from the Aztecs and more. The 13 demons aren’t there for just show either.

“Rock DJ” is associated with Egypt’s Bes, protector of households but became to symbolise the good things in life like music. The song itself is filled with crunchy guitars, heavy drums and Giada’s voice dances towards Lita Fordesque and the guitar solo screams 80’s hair metal and would make Eddie Van Halen proud.

Japan’s Oni, a fierce and evil demon with a lust for all things chaotic and disaster, is paired with “Among These Fools” where Giada’s voice hits deep notes alongside a bass line that punishes yet caresses. Allowing Giada and Ferruccio to be the yin to the yang of Michel and Daniele.

Greek mythology’s Medusa is associated with “Need” and Hindu’s Kali is associated with “La Donna Mobile”, but setting demons aside, it’s the music that really matters.

It’s things like the kick drum for days in “He Said He was Pregnant” and the slick heavy bass line and soul crushing lyrics in “I’m Only Happy When I’m Drunk”. In this song, Giada will be without a doubt be compared to Amy Lee of Evanescence, but key difference for me is that Amy’s voice often sounds suppressed and held back where Giada lets her voice do what it’s suppose to do: kick you in the face. She doesn’t hold back or hide, she belts for the back row to hear.

The chorus of “Morning” gives me Carmina Burana by Carl Orff vibes and I can easily see this song in a movie scene between good versus evil. The haunting strings intertwine with Giada’s voice in a delicate dance of the gods. Musically and lyrically, it’s a beautiful and haunting song that chills to the bone.

The bass line in “Pray” is hooky and infectious, driving the song to ear worm status as it partners with the chorus that makes one raise their hand and sing in unison as if they were being taken to church.

“La Donna Mobile”, “Muoio in un Bicchiere” and “In Mezzo ai Folli” (the Italian version of “Among these Fools”) are some of my favourite songs. There’s something powerful, threatening, and stunning about Violet Blend singing in their native tongue.

Demons is a record that sticks with you and as you listen to it more, another layer unfolds. Like I said, Violet Blend has hit it out of the park.

Demons is out on 1-April on Eclipse Records

FAVOURITE TRACK: “In Mezzo ai Folli”



Rock DJ
He Said He Was Pregnant
Among All These Fools
I’m Only Happy When I’m Drunk
La Donna Mobile
Muoio in un Bicchiere
Smell Like the Hospitals
A Part of Me
In Mezzo ai Folli
Available on Eclipse Records on 1-April

Listen to “Need”

Photo credit: Violet Blend