Rammstein: Adieu

In a time of ‘fuck around and find out’, Rammstein neither fucks around nor has a need to find out.

When an artist or band has been in the music world for 28 years like Rammstein has, one just does what they want to do.

Rammstein does epic.

They are the masters of knowing how to do epic. Be it their live shows which are a fiery pyro filled spectacle or their music which is powerful, confronting, and sometimes controversial.

Rammstein videos are the same. 

Often grand cinematic adventures, Rammstein videos are rarely simple. Their simplest videos in my opinion are the videos for “Rammstein” and “Feuer Frei!”. Both intertwine live footage and the movies they were featured in which were Lost Highway and XXX.

Even the video for “Links 2, 3, 4” which featured an ant colony defeating attacking beetles was not a simple video. The story and CGI made it larger than life.

So, it is no surprise for Rammstein fans that the closing track, “Adieu” from their latest album, Zeit, was going to be epic.

And boy, is “Adieu” epic.

Specter Berlin, who directed the beautifully dark and violent “Deutschland”, returns to helm “Adieu”

“Adieu” follows in the dark and violent steps its predecessor and is beautifully shot as well.

The red beam of light and the red laser beams that appear throughout “Deutschland” also appear in “Adieu”, lending the latter to feel like it’s a continuation or part of an ongoing storyline that “Deutschland” ignited.

What intrigues me the most about the video is the part where Rammstein is imprisoned and and when they break free of the chains that hold them. The imagery reminded me of Tarsem Singh’s Immortals. Particularly where the Titans are being held within the walls of Tartarus and when they too break free of the structure that holds them.

Could Rammstein be the Titans? Could them being imprisoned within the walls of their logo be their Tartarus?

Is there meaning behind the so-called easter eggs fans are picking out or are they nothing more than nods to the evolution of Rammstein?

Only Specter Berlin and Rammstein can answer those questions. Whether fans get any answer or not is left to be said and regardless of an ongoing story or not, “Adieu” is beautiful, grandiose, action packed, and absolutely epic.

You know, just Rammstein doing Rammstein.

Watch “Deutschland” directed by Specter Berlin

Images from “Adieu”