Carbellion: Barfight

While Carbellion’s Weapon of Choice isn’t out until 17-March, the Wisconsin 5 piece have released their second single and video, “Barfight”, from the forthcoming album.

The song title alone should give away the theme for the song and it indicates in one simple word what kind of song one is going to get.

“Barfight” takes me back to 80’s and 90’s rock and metal where loud drums and guitars were kings. The song is large on drums, guitars, bass and aggression…like any rock song should be. The guitars wail, the bass booms, the drums thunder, and the vocals soar.

Guitarist, Jamie Damrow says this about “Barfight”,

People often come up to us after we perform saying that our music makes them want to fight…I have heard that quite a few times.

Vocalist Cameron Kellenberger continues,

We really felt this was a strong single for the new record and the feedback we have received echoed that sentiment. It’s got a great intro with thick drums and bass slamming into these big heavy guitars. I put a lot of sarcastic humour in the lyrics and played around a little with a few vocal stylings from verse to pre-chorus to call & response chorus parts. This one makes you want to drive fast and take chances. I mean, damn it feels so good to be alive right?

Kellenberger nails the drive fast, take chances mentality as “Barfight” does create that immortal I can do anything feeling.

Credit: Sara Hays

About the directed Joel Nilsson video, drummer Brent Nimz says,

The video was filmed in two locations 4,000 miles apart. The bar footage was filmed in an old wood shed that director Joel Nilsson and his team in Sweden had transformed into a casual drinking establishment complete with white linen tablecloths, mood lighting and an old tube television blaring in the corner of the dining area. The characters in the bar scenes were played by members of the band Outshine. Carbellion and Outshine have a long history of touring together over the years so we thought it was pretty special to have our good friends included in our video. The live footage of the band was shot inside the Andy Bohl Racing facility in Caledonia, Wisconsin. Andy competes in the Top Fuel Funny Car division of the NHRA and is a great supporter of the band. We thought it would be rad to set up our gear in his shop and get as loud as we could!

Watch “Barfight” below

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