Story of the Year: War

Two part review for Story of the Year.

First, let’s talk about “War” as a song.

It is the latest track from the forthcoming album, Tear Me to Pieces, and good god almighty, what a banger!

The opening guitar riff IS. TO. DIE. FOR. It’s deep, low, guttural, and my favourite riff that I’ve heard in a long time. I could listen to it on loop for days on end. It’s that good and that addictive.

The band is musically ageless. This song continues to show the band’s musical growth, yet it also feels like a song that could have easily been on any preceding album.

Also ageless are the vocals of Dan Marsala. His clean vocals are just as fresh sounding as they were in their debut album and his screams are still tight and fraught with angst and heartache.

Whatever he’s doing for his vocal health needs to be bottled and shared to others who haven’t fared so well in the aging vocals category. The man simply has a wonderful voice that is still great to listen to.

This song gives me a similar intensity of “Bang Bang” and indiciates for me what kind of album Tear Me to Pieces as a whole is going to feel like. 

And I am here, waiting patiently for it to be released.

Now, the video for “War”.

I absolutely adore Story of the Year.

Having worked with the band back in my radio days, they were always professional when required, easy to work with, and also a shit load of fun to be around. They were a dream band to deal with and their interactions with their fans were always genuine and kind. They appreciated their fans and it showed whether they were playing to a club crowd or a festival crowd.

Watching the new video for “War”, reminded me of the radio days and my fond memories of the band because Story of the Year is a serious band who know not to take life or perhaps not take themselves too seriously.

They know when to have fun.

That fun attitude shines in the Jordan Phoenix directed video for “War”, which has the band playing hilarious 80’s inspired good guys with a 70’s cop heroes vibe. 

The video had me in stitches. It’s fun. It’s funny. 

It’s Story of the Year being comfortable and at ease with themselves.

PS: watch the ending outtakes.

Watch “War” below

Photo Credits: Story of the Year Facebook