Dakota Jones: Sugar Pie

Oooooooohhhhhh, lawd chile. (That’s Southern for ‘oh lord child’.)

As someone who grew up in the South (both Carolinas) and has been called ‘sugar pie’ once or twice, the brand new single from Brooklyn’s Dakota Jones, “Sugar Pie”, takes me back home.

“Sugar Pie” is a delicious return to soul with a helluva lot of funk added in for sexy saucy flavour!

Dakota Jones is Tristan Carter-Jones on vocals, Scott Jet Kramp on bass, Steve Ross on drums, and Eddy Marshall on guitar and “Sugar Pie” is their follow up to their acclaimed 2021 debut album, Black Light.

The band says this of “Sugar Pie”,

It’s the effortless cool of a gang of two, walking in step through streets paved with sugar under a plush pink sky. Don’t know where you’re going and you don’t care. It’s rose-coloured glasses on the tip of your nose, and kisses like cotton candy.

“Sugar Pie” puts Dakota Jones back in the spotlight and the foursome have beautifully blended soul, funk, R’n’B, and jazz into a fantastic track. Tristan’s voice is pure honey. Sultry, silky, and sweetly smooth and the fellas keep in time with head bobbing, body grooving, and hip swaying beats. 

“Sugar Pie” is undeniably delicious and righteously contagious. If you’re not walking with a swagger in your step after listening to this track, you need to put it on repeat until you are.

Listen to “Sugar Pie” below