REVIEW: Safari Gold: The Years Between Dog and Wolf

What I like best about The Years Between Dog and Wolf by Safari Gold is that it’s consistent. 

Consistent in vibes, mood, and magic.

Each song feels connected to the next as if they were all pieces to a giant musical puzzle.

It’s that interlocking between the songs that creates the magic of the album. 

Each song is a subtle dreamscape that flows with ease be it the vocals, the music, or the lyrics.

The vocals of Morgan and Danny are empathetic, compassionate, and passionate which show the mastery of the songwriting. Their vocals and the thought provoking lyrics are all matched with soft brush strokes on the drums, delicate strums on the guitars, and thoughtful hits on the bass. Whether the song is crafted by bass, drums, and guitars or with a piano / synth and more, the music holds the listener allowing them to transcend and escape.

It’s through that transcendence and escape that allows the album to show the said ‘years between dog and wolf’ as songs transitioning from the the start of the album to the end. 

Safari Gold has created wonderful magic with The Years Between Dog and Wolf. It’s consistent and balanced and will be an album that lingers in the back of your head like a loved memory.

MUST LISTEN TRACK: “Instant America”, “Holy Memory”, “Render”

FAVOURITE TRACK: “Last Chance Addict”

Listen to a few tracks below