DISCOVER: Erik & The Worldly Savages

Are you ready to take a journey on self discovery with no regrets? Then let me introduce you to the music of Erik & The Worldly Savages.

Founder Erik says this of the band,

I started Worldly Savages from my own need to break free and travel the world, singing songs which help the like-minded transcend culture and become global citizens.”

Their latest EP, Future Thunder Void, is described by Erik,

A tale of detox from all of the stresses of western civilization. Integrating the pieces of one’s soul, reconciling the past, and dreaming of a beautiful future.

He further states that Future Thunder Void takes place after the events of EP, Break Free.

Future Thunder Void has a folksy feel with a little punk twist. There are moments where the EP makes me think of Russkaja as it has the same funky feels and instruments they present in their music.

Whether Erik & The Worldly Savages are singing about the loneliness of leaving an old life behind (“Embrace the Void”) or embracing the satisfaction of leaving said old life and finding peace (“Always”), the songs are thoughts, emotions, or parts of lives we all have lived at various stages in our lives.

As someone who sold everything she owned and moved to the other side of the world (Australia from the US), “Letter Back Home” are words I have shared with those back home who have praised me for chasing my dream to live in Australia, but don’t dare disrupt their lives to chase their own dreams.

Through the Future Thunder Void’s song journey, the listener is forced to think about the transformative journey within the lyrics and maybe be even inspired to look inwards with themselves.

Give Erik & the Worldly Savages a chance and let their music inspire you. Maybe it will change your mood. Maybe it will charge you to change your life.