HOT ALBUM: Modern Life by The New Division

From the mind of John Kunkel, The New Division released their 10 track album, Modern Life, last month.

Formed in John’s dorm, he drew inspiration for the band’s name from a book he was assigned in his economics class called The New Division of Labor.

He further explains, 

A lot of fans think the name came from putting together Joy Division and New Order, but at the time of seeing that book cover, I didn’t even think about it until a few months later when someone pointed it out. I ended up ‘Myspacing’ Peter Hook (New Order) a message to see if he approved of the name, and to my surprise, he responded and said, ‘Well, I don’t mind it, actually. Your music’s good as well!’

How does it get any better if your music idols approve of your work right?

As a fan of synth pop, New Order, and Joy Division, Modern Life satiates that need for light, airy, close your eyes and drop into an 8-bit world where life seemed a bit simpler.

Modern Life was inspired by the chaos and isolation of the pandemic and finding ways to escape both through music. John says,

A lot of this album was written when we were all stuck at home, unable to hang out with friends, be with our families. While I don’t think the pandemic changed me drastically, I notice something different about myself when I play these songs back-to-back. There’s something I’m uncomfortable with the way the world is today, and I’m still exploring that through the music I write

As a proud child of the 80’s, the sounds that The New Division is and have created are in my wheelhouse. I sense the vocal inspiration of Peter Hook and Peter Murphy. I get the vibrational chills of Depeche Mode, New Order, and Joy Division. I am revelling in the moodiness, the dark, and the noir of each note, each word, and each beat played.

Modern Life isn’t dripping or oozing in synths, it’s covered in synths. It gushes a magnificent 80’s vibe that I am for one am here for. The beats pulsate with darkness and controlled chaos until they reach an explosive height that just sweeps one away from the modern world.

MUST LISTEN TRACKS: the entire album

FAVOURITE TRACKS: “Nosedive”, “Soft Sell”, “Circles”, “Silent Films” “System Shock”