SONG REVIEW: “Moroccan Oranges” by Olive Louise

“Moroccan Oranges” is from NY singer songwriter, Olive Louise and was inspired by the passing of her mom.

Olive says this of “Moroccan Oranges”,

The song is about the summer I traveled to Morocco and Paris with my dad and sister after my mom passed away. It’s about the dissonance I felt looking at my dad trying to hold it together and make us feel okay, knowing that even though we were seeing stunning views, and trying new foods, and were there together, we felt completely shattered.

The song resonated with me. While I did not travel to Morocco and Paris with my dad and sister after my mom passed away, I did have the same feeling of watching my dad holding it together, being with my family, and all of us being completely shattered.

That resonation is the sign of a good artist and Olive Louise is a good artist. She has been able to translate her own grief and the grief of her family into a song that feels carefree and vibrant despite the lyrics and inspiration.

Her vocals and lyrics are honest, and raw, but they also carry a heaviness of a life that has experienced more than it probably should have at an early age. That heaviness gives Olive’s vocals an edge that is sharp, cutting, and haunting.

Olive’s confessional song is from her forthcoming debut EP, 275 Kings Point Road that will be out on April 28th.

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Get a sneak of “Moroccan Oranges” from Olive’s Instagram