HOT TRACK: “Melissa” by Emppu

Emppu is also known as Emilia “Emppu” Suhonen who also currently plays guitar with The Rasmus. As a fan of The Rasmus, she brings an absolute wonderful addition to the all male lineup. Her guitar playing is extraordinary and I feel like she may have been born with a guitar in her hands. She’s absolutely fierce to watch and even fiercer to listen too.

Of her single, “Melissa”, Emppu has said this, (translated from Finnish)

I doubted myself back then. Until I met a person I knew from one of my gigs, who totally doubted everything in the world except me and my music. Thanks to him, I realised that the real success is that my songs reach someone on an emotional level, they truly touch. The momentarily lost meaning was found and wrote Melissa. It’s a true story about connection and how a small encounter can have a big impact.

Emppu doesn’t only own playing guitar but she also has a lovely voice that floats through the air like a memory. It compliments the music wonderfully.

“Melissa” proves once again, I don’t need to understand the language to know that the song is meaningful and great.

Listen to “Melissa” below