EP REVIEW: Retro Future Soundscape by All the Damn Vampires

The latest EP from All the Damn Vampires, Retro Future Soundscapes lives up to its title.

The music is retro.
The music is future.
The music is full of lush synth soundscapes.

The EP is perfection and it’s all due to the mindful master behind All the Damn Vampires, Davey Oberlin.

There’s something about that Retro Future Soundscapes that embodies the moods of Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 for me. All the Damn Vampires has created this hopeful soundtrack that clings heavily to the dark muted tones of neon lights being drowned in a rainstorm.

The small nuances within each song are beautifully placed like the dripping water in “Deep Fake” and “Rainfall on Holograms” needs to be in a Stranger Things episode when they find themselves in the Upside Down. The track is haunting and beautiful.

But what I found thrilling about Retro Future Soundscapes is that one needs to listen to it at least twice.

The first time, all the way through and then a re-listen, reading the short story behind the EP that can be found in the info of each song on Bandcamp. It makes Retro Future Soundscapes even more touching and beautiful.

MUST LISTEN TRACKS: “Lords of Lo-Fi”, “Deep Fake”, “Rainfall on Holograms”

FAVOURITE TRACKS: “Lords of Lo-Fi”, “Kiss Me to the Deftones”