WATCH: “I’m Not Superman” by Dylan James

“I’m Not Superman” is the first release of 2023 from Dylan James and the first from his forthcoming debut album Expected to Fly.

Of the song, Dylan says,

It’s a song which I think every man can relate to. ‘I’m Not Superman. I can’t do the things you think I can’. The lyrics came from a place where I felt pressure to be like a modern day superhero and just saying ‘Yes, I can do that’ but underneath the skin I knew I couldn’t.

Relate is an understatement.

In a world where toxic masculinity tries to be the norm and the unfortunate thought of “boys will be boys” has seemingly always been the norm, it’s men like Dylan who are not only destroying the societal norms of how men should act and be but also laying the groundwork for future generations to say ‘I am a man, but I am not the hero. I win some. I lose some. I am strong some days and I am weak some days and all versions of me are okay.’

Dylan further adds,

I wore a mask for years hiding behind the fear of failure but I got to the stage where I didn’t care anymore what people thought. I wanted to express this frustration in a song which told the story. ‘I’m Not Superman’ became the song which championed my songwriting for the album Expected to Fly.

Watch and listen to the powerful “I’m Not Superman” below and tell the man in your life, the pressure is off to be a superhero.