VOLUME UP! SERIES: Issue 05 :: Volume 01

Here are the 11 tracks we have at 11 this week.

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There is no method to the order this week.

“Is This How You Speak” by Safari Gold
This is the latest track from their upcoming album The Years Between Dog and Wolf. More here.

“Spoiler Alert” by Cosmic Crooner
This is the latest from his upcoming album The Perks of Being a Hypocrite. More here.

“Control” by Adult Leisure
This band was one of the bands that we became obsessed with in 2022 and frankly we still are. Watch the video here.

“Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” by Daughtry featuring Lizzy Hale of Halestorm
Daughtry is hit or miss for us, but when we heard they were doing a cover of our favourite Journey song, we were all in. This song is an absolute banger.

“Easy Lover” by Teramaze
Discovered this cover of the 80’s hit by Philip Bailey and Phil Collins by chance and boy are we glad we did. The progressive metal band takes it up a notch and smashes this cover.

“Starman” by Easy Star All-Stars featuring Maxi Priest
This is from the upcoming David Bowie tribute album Ziggy Stardub which will be a track by track cover of the Bowie classic The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

“Space Oddity” by David Bowie
Speaking of Bowie, we’ve been listening to this song in conjunction with the LOTL song below. If Major Tom had returned to earth, we believe below could be the sequel.

“Leaving the Planet Earth” by Lord of the Lost
LOTL released a video for this song and it’s just stunning. As we said above, we are firm believers that if Major Tom had returned to earth, he’d leave the planet again, and these would be his parting words. Watch the video here.

“Pr*y” by Bitter Kisses
Meet your new favourite band for 2023. Watch the video here.

“The Summoning” by Sleep Token
Of the 4 tracks the band released in January, this has become our favourite. Read our thoughts on Sleep Token.

“Sweet Toof” by The Lucid featuring Violent J of Insane Clown Posse
Not a cover but a reimagining if you will of the Faith No More hit “Epic”. More here.