LISTEN: “Silencer” by Lucky Thief

“Silencer” by Lucky Thief is now available for all the world to hear.

Lucky Thief says this of the song,

Silencer is about being unable to control how we speak. So many people have opinions that are narrow minded, selfish and ill-considered; This song airs my frustration with them. It also looks at how hard it is for me to stay quiet, if I feel something deserves to be said, I will not be silenced.

As we wrote before, “Silencer” is raucous, bold, and penetrates the aural nerves. Awakening one’s soul to not stand by and be silent any longer.

Lucky Thief’s vocals blend wonderfully with the music. Distinct, crisp, and clean, I occasionally get vibes of Chino Moreno and Dave Grohlbut mostly his vocals are his own. The lyrics are thought provoking and radiate a mood of passive aggression that is borderline venomous. When combined with the vocals and music, it makes “Silencer” deadly.

Listen to “Silencer” on Spotify below