REVIEW: Vanished in Transition by Ritual Cloak

Sometimes, I listen to a song, EP, or album and I struggle with crafting the right words to convey what I felt while listening and this happened with Vanished in Transition by Ritual Cloak.

While I have given my thoughts on the title track and on the song “Left Behind”, listening to the EP in its entirety as it’s meant to be versus singles, gives one the whole picture or in the case of listening to Vanished in Transition, a whole spiritual journey from start to finish or perhaps from birth to death.

And what a beautiful spiritual journey it is.

Maybe Ritual Cloak didn’t set out to make an EP that vibrated at such a high frequency, but I for one am glad they did.

Each song transitions smoothly into the next as if one were floating through time and space. There are no bumps and bruises along the way, just ease. It’s that sense of ease that is soothing not only to the ears but to the soul.

If I go with my perceived journey of life from start to death, then “Ornamental” is where one starts the voyage towards the end. The mood of the song is finite and that is emphasised by the wonderful piano Dan plays. It’s not doom and gloom, but it’s dark and reflective. One would say ‘this is the first step into the afterlife’ and the final step into the afterlife would be “Half of My Life”.

A beautifully reflective piece, “Half of My Life” feels like one is looking back on the life they lived and coming to realise that even with the ups and downs, it was a good life.

As Vanished in Transition closes with “Reprise”, the cyclic journey of life and death starts again.

Bravo gentlemen.


Vanished in Transition is effortless, calming, and beautiful. It allows one a deep retrospection as they join Ritual Cloak on a musical journey into the soul.

MUST LISTEN TRACKS: All 6 songs on the EP

FAVOURITE TRACKS:  “Ornamental” and “Gweledigaeth”

Listen to Vanished in Transition on Bandcamp below. Limited edition vinyl also available at Bandcamp.