EP REVIEW: Live at Bakehouse by Lipstereo

Australia’s four-piece Lipstereo recently released their EP Live at Bakehouse and while the band covers a multitude of themes including nostalgia, relationship issues, parental entanglements and the importance of sincerity it is within three tracks that clocks in at a mere 9 minutes and 27 seconds.

Hefty topics for a short amount of time.

But Lipstereo nails it perfectly.

Live at Bakehouse, their sophomore EP, was recorded during a live streaming concert called Let Me Help – Children Of The World that was presented by Noise11.com.

The best part of recording live is that it allows Lipstereo’s talent to shine. They can’t hide behind 47 different programs to make them sound good. Not that any programs are needed for Lipstereo to sound good. They have an exceptional sound. The Melbourne band brings back 90’s and early 00’s alternative rock nostalgia when the music was dirty, grungy, and raw. There’s grit and grime within Live at Bakehouse and it not only adds depth to the vocals but the music as well.

The track that surprised me the most was “Feedback” as vocalist Sam Stranges shows two sides of his vocals. One is raspier and gritter that can be heard in all of the songs and the second side of Sam’s vocals is a suave crooner. The contrast to each other was a treat.

The 3 songs of Live at Bakehouse have wonderfully captured the essence of Lipstereo. Listen or watch below.

MUST LISTEN TRACK: “You Got the Things”, “Feedback”

FAVOURITE TRACK: “You Got the Things”

Watch and listen to Live at Bakehouse