VOLUME UP! SERIES: Issue 01 :: Volume 01

Here are the 11 tracks we have at 11 this week.

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In order of time:

“Unholy” by Anthony Vincent
This cover of the pop smash “Unholy” is kicked up a notch with an infectious bass, crunchy guitars, and massive drums. Vincent is also known as Ten Second Songs.

“Eleanor Rigby” by Palaye Royale
Our second cover on the list and definitely not our last, is The Beatles‘ cover of their classic hit. It’s a fresh solid cover by this trio of brothers. Read our review here.

“Angst” by Rammstein
This might have been our second favourite song from 2022, but these fiery Germans can do no wrong. Read our Track by Track review of Zeit here. Watch the video for “Angst” here.

“Square Hammer” by Feuerschwanz
As Ghost fans we are impressed and love this cover. It’s one of sixteen covers on their album, Todsünden and it’s just brilliant. Extra love for the hair metal wail. Read our review here.

“Dead End” by Lord of the Lost
Expect to see a lot of LOTL tracks over the next coming weeks. This band is fresh on our radar and we are obsessed. We already predict they will be our most played artist of 2023. While we love all of the songs on Blood and Glitter, this song has been one we’ve been inching the volume up every time it comes on. Read our Track by Track review here.

“Leave Your Hate in the Comments” by Lord of the Lost
We really did consider just making all eleven tracks LOTL. This song is a pointed criticism of the trolls and the haters. The song is furious, brutal, and an absolute banger. Read our video review here.

“Mountain Song” by Our Lady Peace
Live from Quebec City, these Canadian faves do an absolute wonderful cover of Jane’s Addiction song.

“Engel” by Feuerschwanz
As Rammstein fans, we love this cover. The band has turned it up a notch and made it their own and it’s damn great. Read our review here.

“Breaking Up” by All the Damn Vampires featuring Ryan Rose
2022 was the year that synth made a comeback into our lives and it’s thanks to Davey Oberlin, the mastermind behind All the Damn Vampires. Read our review of “Breaking Up” here. Read our review of Synth City here.

“Call Me Little Sunshine” by Ghost
This was our most played song of 2022. While every song was perfect on Impera, it was the impending doom and boom of this track that kept us coming back and back again. Read our review here. Read our Track by Track review here.

“Mumps” by The Lucid
This song made us Dave Ellefson fans. Pick or no pick, he’s always been a solid bass player but this song is bass slapping funk and we are here for it. Read our song review here.